Why I Work Mornings

One question I hear the most while I’m out and about is….what time do you get up every morning? So here I shall tell of the tales of a morning news anchor and why I choose to work this blessed shift. ☺ My alarm goes off at 2AM every weekday unless, of course, I happen to be on vacation. It goes off again at 2:05 and the final alarm is at 2:10. I find it helps my body wake up when it hears a few alarms. My husband also sets what I call an emergency alarm at 2:15 which wakes him up so he can make sure I’m not still in bed. Isn’t he sweet? I deal with alarm clock anxiety on a nightly basis. My alarms for work never change, but I still check 3 or 4 times before going to sleep – to make sure they’re set for AM and turned on. The time frame between 2:10 and 2:45 includes a combination of breakfast, pumping milk for our 7 month-old, letting the dog out, packing the breastpump and making up something to eat while at work. It depends on how awake I am and how fast I’m moving when each of those happen – some days if they happen at all! By 2:45 I’m in the shower. I blow dry my hair and put on makeup foundation and get dressed….then head out the door hopefully by 3:25….although if I’m being honest there are a lot of days that I don’t get out the door till 3:30 or 3:35. Sometimes our 7 month-old will wake up during that time but my husband is a warrior daddy who gives baby a bottle and changes his diaper so I can get out the door on time. The drive to work as a morning anchor is the best. There are very few people out on the road and almost always I see green lights the entire trip in. In the morning it takes me 10 minutes to get to work. Later in the day it takes at least 15 minutes. I’m always at work by 3:45 at the latest and I look over scripts in the show until 4 which is when I do my hair and makeup. We hit the set for mic checks at 4:27 and at 4:30 Kansas Today is on the air and it’s non-stop till 7AM. Depending on the week I either take a break at 7 and head home for a couple hours then return to KSN to anchor our noon newscast….or I stay at work till 10:30 and go home for the day.

Most people think that schedule sounds horrific and I tend to agree. However when I look at all the benefits I receive because I work that schedule – I am very grateful for that 2AM alarm! I haven’t always worked mornings in television. In fact – for the first decade (gulp! WHAT?!) I worked in TV I worked nights…heading into work at 2PM and coming home at 11PM. So when I mentioned switching to mornings, it made some people wonder. I now wake-up at the same time I used to go to bed. However – I love working mornings. When I was in college I spent summers working as a golf course landscape manager. Waking up early has never been a big deal to me. I love getting what I call a head-start on the day and accomplishing a day’s work before noon. I love helping other people start their days. I love the friendly, relaxed camaraderie my co-workers and I share on the set of Kansas Today. I love having six hours of my shift in a quiet building with just a few Kansas Today employees. I love avoiding rush hour traffic. I love having half the day to run errands quickly that take way more time when everyone else is out running errands too. I love(d) having the option to nap if I wanted to – although that is more of a luxury these days. It’s even more amazing when they weather is nice – and I head out the door at KSN at 10:30 to enjoy a sunny 70 degree day with my two little boys…which brings up the number one reason I switched to mornings. Our boys. They spend a few hours every morning with our nanny. And every afternoon it’s all mommy. My schedule allows me the flexibility to take Hudson to a doctor’s appointment, or Fletcher to storytime. After our afternoon naps we can head to the park, or play cars or do whatever we want before mommy makes dinner. I get to make dinner and eat it at home with my family – which would never happen were I still on the evening shift. I get to do bath time with the boys and put them to bed. Most weeks I get to be there shortly after they wake up and we can eat breakfast together. All this while getting to continue working a job I love and am passionate about. I can’t say I would still love my job if it pulled me away from quality time with my family. I feel like the most blessed woman in the world. And tired. I feel tired. But it’s so worth it.

**New Section of my blog – Doo Dah Ditty**

The Great Plains Nature Center

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy checking out new places and exploring new things to do in our awesome city…so to highlight all that Wichita has to offer, each week I’ll share a little highlight of the fun things we’ve seen or done. I’m calling it the Doo Dah Ditty. Combine our city’s nickname ”Doo Dah” with a fabulous song from the 60s and there you have it. Although, technically the song is Do Wah Diddy and not ditty…but that’s just details.

Moms and families…if you haven’t checked out the Wednesday story-time at the Great Plains Nature Center….it’s worth a stop. The story time is geared from 2-4 year-olds, but you often find kids from birth to 6 or so. The kids sing songs, do interactive skits and listen to a story. But what’s better, is that after story-time – there’s the fabulous nature center to explore. Hudson loves “petting” the animals, watching the fish and seeing his friend the bison and visiting the owl. You’ll have to visit for yourself to find out what all that means! Outside there are trails for the kids to run on, ducks to watch and turtles and fish to count. Plus lots of benches which are perfect for a picnic lunch. Even better? It’s all free. I think they even have a kiddie-craft time as well once a week, though it doesn’t always fit as well into our schedule. Give the Great Plains Nature Center a visit and let me know what you think!

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