I won’t take much of your time today – just wanted to let you know about a cool app I’ve been using lately. I’ve always considered myself a “documenter.” I’m often the one trying to document life events by offering to take a photo. I love creating and preserving memories and photos are the main way I accomplish this. However, not all my photos turn out to be masterpieces worth of saving. However – I was recently turned on to an app that is helping more of my photos be display-worthy and I thought I’d pass it along. It’s an app called Snapseed. First – I again remind you that I’m not paid to mention any companies or products on my blog – it’s just me telling you what I like and why. Second – I love posting photos on Instagram (follow me: NewsAnchorKT) because their fun photo editing options and filters make my average photos look amazing. However, I don’t like sharing Every. Single. Photo on there….but I’d still like to be able to use the awesome photo editing options. Enter Snapseed. It’s a FREE(!!!) app that has all kinds of cool photo editing options and you can just edit a photo and save it. No need to post it to a social media site…just keep your awesome (edited) photo and do what you like with it! I’m sure there are other photo editing apps out there…so if you use one that you really love, let me know! I’m all about making my average photos look as above average as I can make them. If you’re like me and wanted an option outside Instagram, then Snapseed is worth exploring.

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