Grandma Norma turns 90

Sorry for the delay in posting this week – my family took a few days off together and, while I intended to have this post ready ahead of time, it just didn’t happen. Blog posts about great people cannot be rushed. This is an extra special post for me this week…as my grandma is turning 90! October 4th is her birthday and our family celebrated a little early by all getting together over Labor Day weekend. I’ve had the honor of sharing many memories with my grandma. While I love all the memories from my childhood – of spending weeks at my grandparents house during the summer, of back-to-school shopping with my grandma, of swimming in their pool or our fun trips to what I then thought was shopping mecca Dollar General – what are extra special to me now are my adulthood memories. Now that I have kids of my own I have extra appreciation for not only my mom…but also my grandma. I should note, that much of this also applies to my grandpa who sadly passed away in 2006. So while I say grandma, much of it applies to my grandpa as well. I realize now that my grandparents laid the foundation for our family from the very beginning. They put an emphasis on getting an education, doing a job right, putting in the hard work, not taking the short cuts and most importantly, a strong foundation of faith and acknowledging the sole source of the blessings in our lives. As a kid I took these things for granted, but as I grew up I came to learn these weren’t necessarily the standards for everyone. From my grandparents came three successful and happy children who went on to create strong, happy families of their own. My grandma has five thriving grandchildren and during the course of the past 3.5 years she’s enjoyed meeting seven great-grandchildren. All the grandkids are positively contributing members of society and we’re all eager to see what the seven great-grandchildren all accomplish. They should have every opportunity and we have my grandparents to thank for that. I am beyond grateful.

Being 90 hasn’t caused my grandma to slow down any. She does water aerobics, attends a Bible study, plays cards with friends, plays the piano for the church services at the local hospital, attends dinners and dances at the Senior Citizen Center. She’s the most stylish 90-year-old I know. Her handbag will always match her outfit and so does her jewelry. She loves her family and thanks God for us daily. I know this because she tells me all the time. We are thankful for her…though we should tell her more. I am thankful I’ve had a close relationship with my grandma. Growing up we took several fun vacations with my grandparents. I went to college about a half hour away from where she lived at the time so I had plenty of home-cooked meals and shopping trips. She and I took a two-week long cruise together through the Panama Canal not too long ago and even at nearly-90 my grandma has made it to Wichita several times to visit us here. My grandma can Facetime and occasionally gets on Facebook or Tinybeans to see pictures of her great-grandbabies. She tells us she hates technology and only has her “tablet thing” so she can see her great grandbabies. Isn’t it funny what having children will do?? I hope she knows how loved she is. Hopefully maybe she’ll even read this post…though I’m not sure she knows what a blog is. But if she knows her granddaughter wrote it, she’ll likely read it. Love you mucho, grandma. Here’s to 90 more. Or at least a good start on that.

Doo Dah Ditty – Elderslie Farm

A shout-out today to what is possibly my all-time favorite Wichita restaurant. Elderslie Farm. Elderslie Farm specializes in farm to table dining, using mostly locally grown produce to create mouth-watering meals even the pickiest foodie would absolutely love. This comes to mind because I happened to notice their dinner have resumed for the fall. I highly advise you book reservations well in advance and I also suggest you try and reserve a table for a group of your closest friends to dine together. I had the pleasure of enjoying a five-course meal with a couple of my co-workers and their friends and words don’t describe how good the food was. The ambience is unique too and the grounds surrounding the restaurant are gorgeous. I felt like I stepped out of Kansas into Napa Valley. The price for the meal might sound expensive at about $80.00 per person, but let me tell you for an evening experience of delicious food with good friends or that special someone it is worth every penny. I’ll include the link here so you can check it out – just leave a couple reservation spots for me!!

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  1. Awww your story about your Grandma Norma brought a tear to my eye and made me think of my Grandma Helen. She is 92 and still kicking! Your entire story made me think of my own childhood and how similar they were. Such awesome memories. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet story and your sweet grandma. I’m going to go call mine right now. 🙂

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