Exciting times at KSN

The one constant in the TV business…is that it’s always changing. New technology that offers more efficient ways to do our job, different people working in different positions with different ideas…all that on top of the fact that the news of the day is always different. I generally think all that change is a good thing. It keeps me/us flexible and adaptable…and if there’s something about it you don’t like, just wait. Because it will likely change.

Lately the change of which I speak surrounds our news gathering philosophy here at KSN…and this is a change I love. If you’ve been watching…you’ve seen us switch from a “we’ve got your back” mentality to a “we’re here for you” approach. There’s nothing terribly wrong with our first philosophy, other than the fact it’s technically not grammatically correct. But the tone that comes with our new approach is much more encompassing of the events of the day here in Kansas.

Being “here for you” means KSN is deeply vested in our community. That hasn’t really changed, but the way we show that in our newscasts and our staff involvement has. Every day in our editorial meetings, as we run down what we’re feeling is the news of the day….we discuss how we’re telling stories that are “here for you.” The ‘you’ being you, our viewers. We do our best to address the stories we think will interest you and affect you. Granted, the news of the day still needs to make our broadcast as well – but we do our best to tell those stories with our community in mind.

The other change I mentioned is with our staff. You will see KSN out in our community much more, and you’ll hear about it as well. Our staff has always been investing time and energy in various civic groups and non-profits that make where we live better. Now we’ll get to share that with you. I hope it doesn’t sound like I just “drank the kool-aid” and have to say these things. I doubt anyone I work for even knows this blog exists….but we at KSN want you to know our staff isn’t just in it for ourselves. We’re vested in making where we live better.

The first way you’ll see these changes is by various promotional ads that will run on our station. And as you continue (we hope) watching KSN, you’ll see the philosophy trickle down into our broadcasts. Personally, my favorite part of the whole changes is the video you can watch below. It’s a good overview of the exciting changes at KSN. Careful – the jingle will get stuck in your head. But the lyrics are worth remembering. So here’s to the next weeks, months and years of KSN being here for you.

Doo-Dah Ditty – Walter’s Pumpkin Patch

I love fall. It’s my favorite time of year. The air feels cool and crisp, there’s usually a smell of fresh-air and maybe burning leaves, soups and sweatshirts….I love it all. I also love pumpkin patches and now that we have two littles I love pumpkin patches even more. So this week’s Doo-Dah Ditty is a shout-out to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch. We headed out there last weekend and had a great time. While admission may seem a little pricey to some, it’s not a whole lot more expensive than other local patches and the return for cost, in my opinion, is much greater. There are tons of free activities, ranging from cool slides to a huge corn bin to adult sized tricycle races…and if you want to spend a little extra there’s even more fun….like pumpkin catapults and a fun train ride among other options. They do a great job at helping your family make memories and the patch is big enough that even on a crowded, beautiful fall day – you don’t feel as though you’re in a sea of humans. Whichever pumpkin patch you choose to enjoy – it’s a great feeling knowing you’re supporting local Kansas businesses…and making priceless memories too!

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